Friday, May 28, 2010

27 Weeks Today

Today I am 27 Weeks pregnant. I cannot believe how quick the time is passing. In 13 weeks I will be giving birth to my baby girl. I just want her to prove these doctors wrong. It is hard to understand, this baby is wanted so much. Then we get these teenagers who get pregnant and have healthy babies. Why me? Why? I am happily married, did it right and this is what I get. I should be setting up the nursery but no instead I have to plan a funeral. NOT FAIR!!!!


  1. I understand your feeling. The best advice I can give you is enjoy your pregnancy and keep positive attitute. It really helps! Tom and I started working on birth plan and funeral arrangements early to make sure that we do not have uncertancies after Chandler is born so we can enjoy thi little time we got with him. On another hand, if docters are wrong, you just cancel everything and celebrate the life of your little girl!

  2. Not passing on resentment, just venting. I guess you have not been there before. Not saying all young mom's are bad. There are also ones who are irresonsible and do not take their job as a parent serioulsy.