Monday, September 22, 2014


On Saturday afternoon I finished my shift. As I was getting ready to punch out Sabrina and Massimo where standing there. I was so excited. My closest friend came out from Missisauga to visit. I alway enjoy my time with her. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Been a while!!!

I know I have not posted in a while. Life has been so busy trying to balance it all out has been a challange. Hard to believe Joy is two years old I look at her and she has gone from looking like a little baby to a little girl. 

This past weekend, Joy and I went to our first Ribfest. We both loved it. Joy went on some carnival rides. She loved it. 



This past weekend my cousin Cheryle and Teresa and my Uncle Reg came over for a visit. It was a great afternoon. I was expecting Joy to make strange but she didn't. She loved them all especially her Uncle Reg.