Friday, December 30, 2011

19 Wk Ultrasound

This past Wednesday (December 28, 2011) I went for my 19 wk Ultrasound. That is the most important ultrasound. When I was pregnant with Faith, at the 20 wk ultrasound that is when they noticed the dwarfism. The day before the ultrasound I was so nervous and on edge. Part of me had confidence that this baby is going to be healthy, but there was the other side that was so afraid that my world is going to come crashing down. After the ultrasound the Radiologist told me that there is no sign of Thanotophoric Dysplasia. She could not be certain that but it looks like a boy. So until it can be confirmed we are going neutral colors. My instinct says it is a boy. When Will came in the room to see our little baby I just broke down in tears, happy tears.

I am so glad that you have opened up your lives to hear about my journey. You are sticking by in good and bad. I am blessed to share my joys and heartaches. Thank you all. In case you are wondering this blog is still going. I just want to acknowledge you all and to say Thank you!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was AWESOME!!!!

Friday night started off with celebrating Mom's birthday with my nephew Justin. On Christmas Eve we exchanged presents with Justin.

I am so glad to have spent Christmas with my Dad. It meant a lot to me. Last night, Will, Mom, Dad and I went to Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, it was amazing. When the candles were lit and the whole room was so bright. I love seeing the room lit up with candles.

My Uncle Dave and Aunt Corrine stopped in for a visit this afternoon. For dinner it was Mom, Dad, Jon, Maryann and Kyle. I even made cheesecake. The dinner was so yummy. Mom, Will and I worked as a team to get dinner ready.

About a month ago Will and I got a Tassimo. We loved it. When I saw the selection between Tassimo and Keurig I was so upset. Keurig has way more selection in product. Jon, Maryann, Mom and the kids got Will and I a Keurig and some k-cups. Needless to say Mom got the Tassimo.

I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you had a great one like I did!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

IPS Test

All the test results are in for the IPS test. Blood work came back and there are no issues! I already shared with you that the IPS Ultrasound came back fine as well.

The reason why I am so happy is because when I was pregnant with Faith that test raised the red flag that there was something wrong. Faith had a Nuchal Translcency of 5mm and she came back with a risk of Trisectomy 18.

So I have a reason to by happy. The big ultrasound will be at 19 wks, December 28. Once I hear that the growth is going well I will be able to be 100% relaxed!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 WKS

Yesterday I had another ultrasound. Normally you have the 12wk, then the 20wk, but because of my last pregnancy I have a little bit more. So far everything is looking good. There is no concern shown yet. When I saw the arms I was so happy. They looked longer than Faith's arms when she was born at 35ks gestation. I am more at ease. in 4 weeks will be the big ultrasound where we will find out the growth and if there is any sign of Thanotophoric Dysplasia and if it is a boy or girl (that is if the baby will let us see). I am pretty sure that this baby is going to be a healthy one.