Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Baby Shower

Yesterday (March 26, 2011), I attended my first baby shower since I lost Faith. I was so nervous and scared. The weeks leading up to it the thought of even going out to buy a gift I lost control of my emotions. I would just cry. I am do glad my husband came with me to buy the gift. I handled it well. It is a blessing to have a wonderful husband like I do. He is right by my side when I need him. I wrestled all week can I really handle going to the baby shower. At the same time I was determined to be there for her. There was a 2.5 month old baby girl there and that was the hard part. I got through the day. Had a wonderful time at the shower. I am so glad that I went.

Andrea, I am so happy for you. I pray all the blessings in the world for you and your family, and for a safe and quick delivery. Most of all I pray for a happy healthy baby girl!!!!


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