Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It was a frustrating night, up every 2 hours for feedings.  This morning, it was all worth it.  When she finally was ready to get up around 8:30am.  We have music going in her room constantly.  We notice that she loves music and it relaxes her.  As I was changing her diaper I was singing along to the music and she was just smiling away.  Instead of bringing her down to the living room we sat in the chair in her room.  As I was singing along it sounded like she was trying to sing along with me.  I love these moments with Joy.  You know she is happy and excited because those hiccups came.  The best thing that happened to me since I got married was being a Mom.  I would not trade anything for her.  Joy is doing what her name is, she has brought joy to our life.


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