Monday, July 23, 2012


The hardest obstacle for me in this weight loss is sugar.  I have such a sweet tooth.  When I make coffee I have to have sugar but I have been using sweetener but I know they are not that good for you either.  So I try to avoid having coffee too often.  Using the flavored coffee helps.  Most of them are 5 calories and 1g of carbohydrates.  So I am able to get away with not adding sugar.

Another way is I try to go for fruit instead of chocolate bars and other candy or cake.  As long as I have fruit in the house it helps.  When I am out that is where I mess up.  I will end up getting a chocolate bar.  The good thing is that I have been staying away from pop, and when I do have that urge I will have a diet pop.  Maybe I should try that nestle carbonated water as a substitute.

Gotta run! Joy is awake.


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