Thursday, May 3, 2012

37.5 wks

Well I am almost to the end of my pregnancy.  I am happy now at any time Joy can come.  The tiredness is getting worse.  Starting to get very moody now.  Finding it difficult to get out, and at the same time hate being stuck inside.  Try to walk around and it hurts from the waist down.  Last week I had a fall down some stairs.  Baby and I are fine.  I am so surprised that did not progress things a long.  Getting anxious to meet my baby girl.  Just want her to come.  The frustrating thing is that everyone tells me, "She will come out when she is ready".  I am at the point where I am going to scream if one more person tells me that.  I have been waiting two years for this.  To bring home a baby from the hospital.  So glad that I have some Angel Mom's who totally understand exactly the impatience I am experiencing.  

Last week I had an ultrasound, the they say she is approximately 8lbs 6oz, YIKES!!! My biggest fear is delivering a 10lb baby.  I hope they are off on that.


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