Saturday, September 17, 2011

PBSO 5k Walk/Run

Today was the annual Perinatal Bereavement Support of Ontario 5k Fun Run/Walk. This year it was run in Callie McIntyre's memory. This is my first year doing it and I am hoping that it will not be my last. This year I walked. I am in now shape to run. Hopefully next year I will have lost enough weight so I can run. Even better, I have hit the 20 lb mark!!!! I am so happy!

The first 2.5 km were hard but as soon as I hit the halfway point it got easier. I was so excited to do this walk. I walked in honor of my daughter Faith. I can just imagine her cheering on from Heaven. I bet she was so happy. As I am crossing the finish line I held back my emotion because I was ready to cry. I did it! I did it for, Faith, myself to prove that I can do this and all those other little Angels who are gone too soon.

Thank you all who financially supported this cause! Thank you for your moral support and thank you to Will, Joy and Trish who were there at the finish line.

I am just so blessed to have friends and family like all of you!!


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