Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Counting Calories

Yesterday I finally purchased a scale. I officially know how much I truly weigh. My feelings, I am so embarrassed and ashamed that I have allowed myself to get that big. Honestly the thought of getting pregnant at this point I do not really want to. At the same time I want a baby so bad. Maybe the reason why I haven't conceived yet is because I am so over weight. I got this app for my iPhone it is called My Fitness Pal. It is free. You can enter in what you eat and tells you how much calories you are consuming. You enter in your weight and it calculates how much calories you should be eating. This is going to be new way for me to learn. It is not going to be easy but if I stick to it I know I can do it. Measuring everything out must be done. One thing I learned it is 140 calories per serving for Coffee with Cream and Sugar and tetley tea with Partly Skimmed milk 11 calories. So bye bye coffee! I can have tea with milk and no sugar but to have a coffee with milk and no sugar, no way!

I am looking forward to getting membership for recreation center so I can get fit. I really want to get the full membership but I am afraid I will not be able to use it as often.



  1. Hi Anna! Just popping in to say hi and to let you know that I'm reading and that I am excited for you! In my experience, having your mind in the right place is the biggest, hardest part. Once your mind is in the right place, it's just a matter of time. Good luck!! You can do it! :)