Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Week

Today Faith would be 1 week old. It is hard to believe that she is gone. I still miss her very much. I miss holding her in my arms. Her time here was too short. What a precious child!

Through this journey I have no regrets. The choice to terminate the pregnancy or continue on. If I was to terminate her to me it would be saying, "Go ahead kill my baby girl.", there is no way I would be able to live with myself. The choice to continue on with the pregnancy was the best choice. She deserved a chance to fight to live. I could not play God with her life. I chose to let God choose whether she lives or not. As difficult as it has been, I know I made the right choice. Even though I only had 12 minutes with her they were so precious.

Faith I love you and I look forward to seeing you in Heaven someday! Love you my baby girl! XOXOXOX


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  1. I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I greatly admire your faith and strength through what must be the most difficult thing to go through. Your daughter was blessed to have you love her so much to give her life even if it was just briefly. I will pray that you will find comfort and strength in the loving arms of our Father and know that He is the Great Physician and your daughter is forever healed and you will one day be reunited with her again.