Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Back on Track

Well it has been awhile since have written.  Christmas went very well.  Joy did not fully understand what was going on.  She just saw that she got a whole bunch of toys.  Joy was sick over Christmas, two more teeth where getting ready to pop through.  Tooth #3 and #4 has popped through.  I cannot get over how well she is handling it all.  She may be sick, or her gums may be sore but she laughs and smiles through it all.  She is not really a fussy baby.  She has her moments.

Trying to figure out a workout schedule is not very easy.  The toughest part is lacking motivation to go.  I really want to set the example for a healthy lifestyle.  What I went through growing up being overweight was awful.  Getting teased at school it was awful.  They say kids will be kids but they do not understand how hurtful they are until later on the years as they grow up and mature as adults.  I really do not Joy to go through that torture.  I do not want her to become an emotional eater like I struggle with.  How can I teach her how to eat healthy and to get active if I am not doing that myself.  Every day I make it a point to tell Joy how beautiful she is.

During Christmas was a huge struggle for me.  We have had some really stressful times but we still enjoyed Christmas.  I was not consistent with taking PGX so therefore I totally binged out on sweets.  So needless to say I gained 12 pounds.  Now I have to stop taking it because I am participating with with a group with friends to be a part of a Biggest Loser, so to be fair I have stopped taking it. I look at it from this perspective, I am saving money.  I do not want to have to take it for life so maybe this will help me get started so I am not depending on it.  I love the product but right now I cannot afford the product.


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