Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preparing for Baby Joy

I am 31 wks pregnant now. I am just so excited!!! It is getting closer to her arrival. At the same time the discomfort of pregnancy is getting to me. The feet swelling is really starting to puff out. Actually the swelling has just really started. My sleep patterns is not normal, and I do not expect it to get any better. It is so worth it! I have been on medical leave now for almost 3 wks. I thought I would get antsy, but I am enjoying this time to relax. Getting Joy's room ready.

This past weekend the painting of the room got done. It is a really nice color. It is CIL brand Paint and Primer in one, English Meadows. The crib is set up, Winnie the Pooh decal stickers are on the wall, furniture arrived yesterday. The room is almost ready.

As I am getting closer to Joy's due date I am trying to wean myself off coffee, that is not going to be fun!



  1. Are you allowed to have decaf?? You still get the coffee flavor and not the caffeine.

  2. When I go without caffeine, all I can say is Headache!!!