Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yesterday was my 3D Ultrasound. It was just awesome! Seeing what my baby looks like. Looks like Will, and I also see the resemblance of Faith in the facial features as well. So precious. It is a girl! I just broke down in happy tears and was so happy! During the ultrasound she was always putting her feet and hands in face. I think she did not want to be bothered. The technician would put her hand on my belly to get her to move her hands and feet away from her face. Joy would move them for a second but right back. I can tell that Joy already has a personality. Less than 12 wks to go until my due date! I am so excited!



  1. Congrats Anna. It is amazing to be able to see there personalty so soon. Where did you have your ultrasound done??

  2. Awesome pics Anna- so sweet!! I'm very happy for you & Will!! Can't wait to meet your bundle of "Joy"!