Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update -Work

Well it has been almost 3 weeks since I have returned to work. I never thought I would be this excited to return to work. There are some tough days, as I work in retail. Sometimes a someone will walk by me with a newborn baby girl and there are days I hold back the tears. Most of the time when I notice an infant seat I try to look away. My first week back a co-worker said to me, "Aww Anna look at the baby.". I am thinking to myself, you dummy! How could you say something like that to me. It is not like she didn't know what I went through. She knew very well. After the customer left I told her, "I still struggle to look at a newborn." Her response, "I don't envy you.". She didn't even apologize for it. So I only talk to her unless I have to, only work related stuff.

I am enjoying working my new aisles, kitchen, linens and cleaners. So far I find it so much easier to manage. We even got scanners at work now too. No more grouping everything by price. Just scan and bag! The odd items we still have to enter in manually but it is a lot better.


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