Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy but great week!

This has been one busy but great week! I got to see friend and family.

Monday: OB appt, Mom came with me. Saw my sister in law Jenny and my nephew Dean. We went to Oshawa Zoo and then went back to her house. Love spending time with Jenny and Dean!

Tuesday: Doctor appt, and spent the day with my Mom.

Wednesday: Got to see Dorcas, Maxam and Christina. For the first time a baby puked in my mouth! LOL! It wasn't fun cause I got sick but I still laugh at it.

Thursday: My cousin Lisa came to visit and we had a BBQ. Yes my Mom was there too. I even got to see my friend Traci today for a bit. Of course my hubby is off!!!

Today is Friday. Going to relax and spend time with my hubby!

I was sick this week though. I had some lower back ache and constipation. In which I had fears that I was going into early labour. In the end I am glad it was only constipation.


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