Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Ready

As it is getting closer to the baby's due date I am getting more excited. It is also a reminder that we need to start to get the baby's room ready. Honestly, it has been a struggle to do that. I have been afraid to go a head with it. Baby had a clean bill of health. So many mixed emotions, so excited but so scared. This weekend we were supposed to see a movie together but I really had the desire to start to get the room ready instead. We had two movies in mind that we wanted to see but none of them were playing in the area. I guess we are supposed to get start getting the room ready.

Getting really excited we have booked our 3D ultrasound. I cannot wait. Hopefully we can find out the gender.

I would just like to send out a congratulations to all expectant Mom's out there! I am so happy that you get to share the joy. Those who are trying to conceive, I hope and pray that this is the year it happens!


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